Andrew Freedman, are you an unregistered lobbyist?!

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Well readers, it is a special week as we get to have a back to back looksee at some of Colorado’s most dynamic leaders. And yes, by dynamic, I mean nefarious.

Plain and simple… Andrew Freedman, are you an unregistered lobbyist?!

For those of you wondering who this is, Freedman is the former “Marijuana Czar” for Governor Hickenlooper.  Not only has Freedman abandoned public service to set up his own for PrOfiT company, but Freedman managed to convince his colleague, Louis Koski to go with him! Koski was also part of the marijuana compliance for Colorado. These two innovators opt to focus on… yep… you guessed it: “How to commercialize Marijuana in your Community from A-Z”, as essentially their value proposition. Seriously, I mean come on, could they not have even waited a year or two, or tried to be subtle and claim they are simply focusing on innovative community drug policy or just your classic lobbying firm?  Not only is this ANOTHER example of leaders jumping on the Marijuana Commercialization ship, but it gets even better.  And yes, by better, I mean more nefarious.

This lovely photo of Freedman is taken at the 1220 / 1221 bill signing, where he received a signing pen. Does this mean that he indeed helped make this possible? If so does that also mean that he is an unregistered lobbyist? Only time will tell, as we all know, we are regularly checking the Secretary of State website to make sure our leaders are in compliance.


Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 6.39.30 PM.png(He’s the guy with the “cat that ate the canary” smile in the yellow tie and blue shirt, directly behind the Governor)

Per usual, if anyone has content or topics we can fearlessly investigate, expose, challenge, and hold the marijuana industry accountable with, send it on over.


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