Colorado Communities Combatting Marijuana Commercialization

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This blog is dedicated to all the naysayers that think we are a fringe group that do not represent several communities that are combatting marijuana commercialization. This blog is also dedicated to all of the brave leaders who are brave enough to fight back. People all over the country especially in Colorado, like the brave leaders in Sanford and Colorado Springs, are stepping forward.

This quote sums up the community impact of how big industry is hurting communities.

“It’s been a rough couple of years,” Galvez told an increasingly angry and restless audience in Sanford. “We need to discuss how we can control crime and drug problems.”

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This is another community gathering, in Colorado Springs, where people rallied together to show their frustration. They were able to voice their dissatisfaction with the weak leadership and anemic support directly to Governor Hickenlooper.

County Commissioner  from El Paso County, Stan VanderWerf stated “the state isn’t doing enough to provide resources to shut down an estimated 500 illegal marijuana grows in the county.”

Governor Hickenlooper replied, “We don’t have the resources for it. It’s something that usually takes large teams.” The governor stated that he’s providing resources to the counties to deal with these issues, but I’m not aware of (any) being sent to (us).” Read more here:

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Needless to say, the lack of leadership from Colorado’s Governor is not helping matters. In the coming weeks, we must keep up our momentum. We must recruit more Action Network members, organize events, and launch campaigns to combat marijuana commercialization.

To make sure your voice is represented you can join our Action Network now. We fearlessly investigate, expose, challenge, and hold the marijuana industry accountable.


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