MAC Applauds Ban on Vaping where Cigarettes are already Banned, Potential to Reduce THC Vaping

By February 28, 2019Uncategorized
Statement from MAC spokesperson and SAM Senior Policy Advisor Luke Niforatos regarding House Bill 1076:


“The sponsors of this bill are to be applauded for putting public health first when it comes to this growing problem. Colorado is first in the nation for youth vaping and youth first time marijuana use, and we know that a significant portion of the vaping market is utilized by the marijuana industry. With Big Tobacco juggernaut Altria now invested to the tune of more than $13 billion in Juul, the market leader in vaping products, as well as more than $4 billion in Cronos, a marijuana company, we know the unmitigated disaster that vaping and marijuana are leading Colorado toward.

“A ban on vaping where cigarettes are already banned is common sense, and would assist in discouraging marijuana use which should be a priority for lawmakers concerned about public health. While this bill would be helpful, it is only one step toward the greater marijuana industry accountability that is desperately needed. Every state that has allowed commercialized pot has seen a range of health and safety problems, including increases in addictionyouth drug use, motor vehicle accidents and even higher numbers of minority arrests. We must do more to hold the pot industry accountable and let public health, not Big Tobacco profits, guide further regulations.”


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