Colorado’s Grocery List: Milk, Eggs, Pot

By January 17, 2018Uncategorized

You will not believe what I stepped on this past Saturday as I was grocery shopping in Denver. It was about 8:00 AM in the morning when I arrived at the grocery store, parked, and then smoosh, I literally stepped on the bag of pot as I was getting out of my car. At first I assumed it was just random trash or someone forgot their oregano for their homemade spaghetti recipe. But after a triple check and further aromatic investigation, sure enough, someone left a random bag of pot in the grocery parking lot.

Now for those of you that will possibly say who cares, there are alcohol and cigarettes littered all over parking lots regularly… that’s the issue! The point is we have been saying that poorly regulated marijuana commercialization has all kinds of unintended negative consequences and that the big industry is poised to become the next big legal drug. My simple question is do we need another one? Whether it is alcohol, tobacco, or prescription drugs; none of these are making a positive impact. Sure, if taken as prescribed (and the people doing the prescribing know what they are doing) then yes, perscription drugs can be life saving. However, for alcohol and tobacco to have a deadly sibling, marijuana; that’s just historically a bad idea.

We need to come together with a strategy to enforce regulation, I daresay roll back the legalization (commercialization) efforts, make sure individuals are not ending up in jail, and support research for potential medical merritts. If we don’t do this I am afraid that Colorado’s grocery list will be milk, eggs, and pot, whether we want it to be or not.

Seriously, this blog, I cannot make this stuff up. If you’re with me on not having to watch every step and you do not want Colorado littered with the proof of marijuana commercialization efforts, join the MAC Action Network now.


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