How to sell out without getting paid, according to State Senator V Marble

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Hello everyone!

If you recall, in a previous blog “But your district doesn’t support MJ…”, we discovered a shared fetish amongst several political leaders. Many of them are obsessed with using their leadership to support bills that enable the grotesque expansion of big industry’s commercialization mongering.

“State Senator V. Marble is a prime example of a political leader that clearly represents a community that is AGAINST the expansion of big industry. However, one of the issues she is pioneering is FOR the expansion of big industry. State Senator V. Marble represents Broomfield, a community that has a Ban or Moratoria in Effect, yet she is a champion for SB – 063: Concerning licensing marijuana consumption clubs.”

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What makes this all so worthy of a “double blog” is come to find out, Marble is not even seeing a financial upside from her support. I know this because as I now so often find myself on the Secretary of State site looking into all of this, she has not received a discernible penny from big industry. It is one thing to sell out (like many Colorado reporters and ex public officials are) for the money but she is selling out without getting paid! So of course, we are left with one conclusion: State Senator V. Marble has lost her marbles. (Yes, I did it, I took the easy pun. But can you blame me?)

All snark and puns aside, it is bad enough to have people choosing to support big industry because they are  lining their pockets with green but when we have leaders just supporting it for seemingly “random” reasons we have to call it out.

It has been awesome getting to know many of you over the last few months. Without you, we could not fearlessly investigate, expose, challenge, and hold the marijuana industry accountable. But alas, we need MORE content, we need more stories of the negative impacts of big industry. We MUST keep up the momentum. So PLEASE contact us so we can share the full story of what is happening in our state!

I sense a time coming sooner than later for us to formally band together to make sure we can fight the good fight for the long haul…


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