Marijuana Marathon Training

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No, this blog has not sold out to big industry as a marketing platform for asinine health and wellness programs rooted in marijuana. However it would not be too far fetched to see something like this in Colorado. We know this misnomer of how smoking blunts is the equivalent of using insulin all too well.

As I was recently out for one of my runs for a half marathon I am training for, this blog emerged. It is not the first time I have been out for a run and encountered either someone smoking marijuana on the street, in a park, or somewhere close to my path as I could clearly smell it. I have at times admittedly taken a defeatist attitude about the daily exposure my wife and small children have to marijuana but as my many blogs indicate, I can’t stand idly by while Colorado commercializes marijuana. This particular run was just the straw that broke the camel’s back. As I am running down a public street, in front of a library no less (which is literally where my children go to storytime), I started to gain ground on a young person walking and needed to go around. However, as I got closer to this young person I could smell marijuana, I really just assumed it was someone somewhere nearby smoking marijuana, as I said, that smell washes over me almost every time I am outside, I realized that it was the young person walking ahead of me. If it was not for my ninja speed and running in the street around this person I would have been trapped following her trail and literally training for my half marathon in a cloud of marijuana smoke.

But what really infuriates me about this whole situation is that if I was not running, and I was walking to the library with my wife, 3 year old little girl, and newborn son, we would have been engulfed by this public display of consumption. We are living in a Colorado that I don’t recognize. The reality of my kids knowing what marijuana smells like and not cigarettes is startling. I am fed up with all of this. If we are going to let our state become the commercialization capital of the nation then can we at least enforce the regulations to be mindful of public and child safety?!

Marijuana Marathon Training did seem like a reasonably ridiculous claim that I imagined big industry would concoct to garner faux legitimacy. Join us in making sure that we do not have the latest trend in health and wellness be perversely hijacked by big industry.




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